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Drink that Water! Your brain and body are gonna thank you!

Ever wondered about why we get nagged to drink loads of water? It is because it is what our bodies need to survive. We can go without food for days, but water is what our organs need most to keep us going.

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Feeling sluggish and tired?  – Water is the building block and solvent that helps transport material for nutrients and waste, so ‘drink up’ as it helps you ‘wake up’. Water also acts as a shock absorber for our brain and joints. 

Wanting clearer skin? No matter what the latest cream fad on Insta or TikTok is for giving you great skin, it still comes down to how much water you drink. 

Wanting to maintain a healthy weight? Water helps your body to get rid of the toxins. 

Wanting to have a great set of teeth/hair/nails to look your best for those selfies? DRINK UP because it is the one of the cheapest ways to get yourself looking your best. 

Here is a random fact: A Japanese scientist, Dr. Emoto, was a pioneer in the study of water and how water is shaped by environment, thoughts and emotions. He linked this to the fact that humans are made up of mostly water so if water is affected by words, intentions, and energies, what can it do for human beings not from just a physical wellbeing side but also our emotional wellbeing.  If we transform the water and thoughts we are made of, what else is possible? 

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