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Define what fulfilment means to you

We can get caught up thinking that living a fulfilling life or one that we feel we belong means when we win the prize, pass the exam, get the girl/guy, money, those trainers we have been eyeing for ages. The hard truth is living a fulfilled like does not come from these things but rather when we ourselves feel a sense of belonging because through belonging we feel we are living a meaningful life.

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Think about it! Have you achieved something and then a few days later you have forgotten about it? You’ve moved onto the next thing that has caught your attention.   

Belonging and Fulfilment in life go hand in hand because “Belonging is like stepping on a platform and feeling fully supported!” and is that not we all want?  A lot gets thrown at us each day that challenges our confidence to succeed and believe in ourselves to achieve goals but what is consistent is if we have people around to support us. We all crave to be part of something bigger, to be included, to know we count even if we think having our own independence, is much cooler.  

There are a series of avenues to fulfilment and belonging, but we will focus on one that can help you get in touch with what makes you light up.  

What if you were asked – what are your goals and dreams? 

Do you want to merely live, or live and be remembered? 

So, it isn’t a bad idea to sit with this for a moment and ask yourself what is it that will make ME happy in life?  

What are MY goals, aspirations and what motivates ME? (if nothing were a barrier then what would you do?)  

Maybe it is to be a gamer or travel the world while writing reviews of where you have visited or maybe it is being a smartphone reviewer for a tech blog, or even create your own anime.  
This exercise is important as it is about self-awareness, Fulfilment is an inner peace, and it is a puzzle. 

Finding fulfilment in your life starts with knowing who you are and what you want. This self-exploration, and self-development is so vital for your wellbeing and for you to build your resilience. No one ever gets it right 100% of the time but it is okay to look at it all as a journey of learning where even though you may fail, you are failing forwards as a step towards the greater things.  

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