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A sense of belonging, what does it really mean?

We all want to feel a sense of belonging and that is often reached through the way we connect to others. Connecting to others allow us to see that there are lots of different values, routines, and ideas in the world.

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When on our own it can be helpful and important to check in and connect to yourself too, so you are learning more about what your own values, boundaries, emotions, connection to others as this is so key for your survival.  

When we think of the connection to ourselves, it is about being self-aware of how we are feeling and facing that without any judgement. In a world where we are judged so much by our appearances, how many likes we have on our reels or how many TikTok followers we have if there is one thing you focus on it is that when you accept yourself and don’t try to be something you are not – that is when the magic happens. When you create that connection with yourself, where you accept your fears, vulnerabilities, and imperfections, it is truly powerful. Being our true selves is how we attract the right connections, ‘cos who has time for what isn’t real? 

When we think about connection to others you want to keep to a circle of people that have your back and see the best in you. They don’t have to always agree with you, but they are those that come rain or shine are there and you can turn to. It is not about quantity but quality.  

Don’t forget your family, yes, they can be a pain when they are on your case, but at the core of it they truly do care about you and want the best for you. Maybe take a time out to look through old pictures or videos and have a good laugh together over fun moments long gone.  

If you are finding it hard to make friends or get those connections, why not try a new hobby. It can be anything from Viking sword fighting (yep it is a thing) to a new sport or even knitting it doesn’t matter what it is but it helps not only to get you out of your comfort zone but to get to know new people and try something new. 

A great quote from Michell C Clark  

When you’re nervous about stepping outside of your comfort zone, remind yourself: 

“It is scary because it’s unfamiliar, not because I’m incapable” 

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