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5 easy ways to get a healthy gut and boost your overall well-being

Did you know that your gut is constantly in action? — involved in thousands of bodily functions. It breaks down the foods you eat, absorbing nutrients that feed your body’s functions — from energy production to hormones balance, energy levels, skin health, toxin & waste elimination, and even happiness & mental health and so much more. 

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That's why it's no surprise that our gut microbiome influences our overall health & well-being, and how you feel, think and react on a daily basis. 

Looking after your gut and making sure that it is healthy starts with what you feed it: nourishing food packed with nutrients, which can help balance and nurture your gut microbiome, and improve your digestion and your overall well-being.  

But getting a healthy gut is not just about the food that we eat. It's about all the healthy habits & lifestyles that will impact its ability to digest food and absorb the nutrients - things such as stress, eating too quickly, lack of sleep, spending too much time sitting down, saying yes to everybody and everything (and no to yourself!). 

Here are 5 ways to a healthier gut, to boost your overall well-being… 


  • Pack up with plants & fibre 

Crowd your meal with plenty of wholegrains, seeds, nuts, veggies, fruit, legumes and olive oil to build your good bacteria and gut health while crowding out processed food and refined sugar.  


  • Value your sleep 

Getting enough quality sleep helps lower cortisol levels and allows time for the gut to repair itself, and avoid triggering digestive disorders and impairing your overall mental health. So, prioritising your sleep is essential.  


  • Deep breaths to de-stress 

Reducing stress levels is fundamental to a healthy gut, easing symptoms of gut disorders and supporting other body functions. Include in your daily routine some 10-min mindfulness practices such as deep breathing, to relax a stressed gut.  


  • Spend time in nature 

Being closer to nature is associated with a healthier blood pressure level and heart rate, as well as fewer feelings of anxiety and stress by shifting your nervous system into a relaxed state 


  • Move more 

Moving your body is important for many aspects of your health, and your digestion is one of them - especially if you find yourself sitting down most of your day. An easy fix is to walk at a comfortable pace every day first thing in the morning, at lunchtime, and to close your day. 

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