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Our mission to put Govox on the world map continues…

We are super excited to announce that @ Gianni Gaitelli is joining the Govox Wellbeing family, as our first European Account Director (Spain), helping us on our global mission to "See behind the brave face".


Gianni is an experienced business leader, having spent the past 20 years working in senior business development and sales & marketing roles for leading enterprise companies and SMBs across France and Spain. Gianni joins the Govox international team to lead on client development across Spain.

 On bringing Govox to the Spanish market Gianni commented…

“In Spain, the pandemic has had an accelerating effect on the digitization of the economy.  In a very short time, it generated profound changes both in business culture and in their people.  One of the most visible consequences now, is the importance of ensuring the mental health and emotional wellbeing of workers within the company. Today, it is considered by many not only as a priority but as a profitable long-term strategy.

Indeed, investing in the mental health of staff brings not only moral or holistic satisfaction, but also measurable economic return. It has been shown that having 'happy' and 'satisfied' employees has a positive impact on performance and consequently on financial indicators.

Also, we can't forget education and sports organisations, where @Govox Wellbeing’s expertise and savoir-faire, provides important and sustainable results, by enhancing their mental health.”

 Richard Lucas commented…

“We are excited to have Gianni join us at a pivotal point in our growth strategy as we open up new international markets and expand our global service offering.  His passion for our Mental Health & Wellbeing programme impressed and commercial experience will ensure organisations in Spain improve their Wellbeing and continue to improve their employee experience culture.”


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