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Katrin Viella becomes Head of Govox Training Academy

Katrin joins the Govox management team in June, leading the delivery of an exciting new portfolio of mental health training courses.


As an experienced workplace wellbeing consultant and senior mental health trainer with an academic background in business and clinical psychology, Katrin Viella is the ideal fit to become the Head of Govox Training Academy. Having initially started out in cross-cultural leadership development and later gaining experience in the clinical field, Katrin has worked with people experiencing most complex and enduring mental illnesses, and has previously managed fully accredited mental health training qualifications.

The team is delighted to welcome Katrin to the Govox family, both for her experience and energy that she brings to the mission.

“Our clients are seeing huge benefits from the data insights derived from the Govox check in platform, fuelling an increasing demand for targeted training programmes across their organisations. We’re excited to welcome Katrin to the Govox team and integrate our new training courses into our overall strategic wellbeing support for organisations.”

Richard Lucas, CEO & Co-founder of Govox

Katrin will lead the Govox Training Academy, delivering an exciting new portfolio of training courses including Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health Champion, Mental Health for Managers and Mental Health for Senior Executives.


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