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Govox appoints Account Director for Govox Australia

Introducing Tim Gill our new Account Director who is responsible for the growth strategy across Australia.


We are excited to announce that Govox Australia launches this week under the leadership of Tim Gill.  Tim has been an advisor to the board for the past 2 years and will now lead business growth and regional strategy across Australia.

I have been coaching leaders and teams in Industry, Sport and Education for almost 20 years. The leaders I work with deeply care about the wellbeing of their people, but don't always have the insight to understand how their people really are, in real-time.

I am proud to announce that as the Australian ambassador for Govox, we are now launching this globally-recognised, simple and powerful tool in Australia. Govox provides the insight to better understand the wellbeing of your people, highlight areas of need and then provide the support to begin conversations that make a difference.

Now, more than ever, is an important time to understand how your people are really going!

Tim Gill, Account Director, Govox Australia

Richard Lucas, Govox chief executive officer and co-founder, commented:

I’m delighted that Tim is joining the Govox team, to lead our Australia business.  Tim has been facilitating leadership and team development programs for 20 years with a particular focus on teams working under extreme pressure and challenging circumstances.  

This means that Tim brings a unique insight into individual and team performance under pressure as well as the difficulties of leadership in demanding situations, representing invaluable commercial & strategic experience that will help us reach our global vision.


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