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Your mates could be saving your life

If you have a great set of mates around you, even one… that is all you need. Mates are those that have our backs, those people we turn to when things are just hard, and they just get us.

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Your mates could be saving your life

Having a good set of mates even helps our immune systems, they could increase our chances of living a longer life by 50%. Like who would have known?! 

We can all have moments of loneliness and that can make us feel sad. We may be connected to our phones, socials, etc but we still need face to face contact with others.  

If you think of a moment when you walked out of school one day with your group of mates and were cracking up over something that one of your mates said and you felt yourself laugh so hard, your belly hurt…that is what we talk about when we say why strong connections are important.  

If you have started in a new school or a new class, it can be scary and nerve wracking to have to get to know new people and make new friends. You will make them and again, even if it is one good friend it is all about quality rather than quantity. Remember that chances are loads of people are feeling the same so no matter what they may be showing the world we ALL have moment of having self doubt or insecurity.  

Have a think of what a real, solid friend is like and these are the qualities you need to be seeking when looking for your circle of mates.