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Who needs SLEEP

Sleep is one of those things that is so underrated until you have a night of bad sleep

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There are so many things that impact a good night’s sleep from perhaps your overthinking, spending too much time on your phone at night before you head to bed, or the temperature is just not quite right. 

We are not able to solve all the issues that cause a bad night’s sleep but we will go through a few tips and ideas that can get you a better night’s sleep. 

Look around your room…what do you see? 

If your room is cluttered, then getting good night’s sleep will be hard as your mind takes a mental picture of your space and sees it as a reflection of a busy space. A room needs to have that atmosphere to allow you to relax into a good night’s sleep. 

Plants could be a nice addition, they add a natural environment and some like aloe vera are known to be having healing energy. 

Is your room too hot or cold? This can be an easy enough fix to ensure you are getting a well-rested night. From your bed linen to the curtains and pillows this can all impact sleep 

Put away digital devices at least an hour before bedtime. 

The artificial blue light emitted from phones or devices has an impact on sleep. Exposure to blue light at nighttime disrupts the natural sleep and wake cycle because it is tricking the brain into not producing the essential ingredient called melatonin before bed. This means you will feel more alert and that is not what you want when you need to be resting 

What you eat influences how you sleep. 

There are certain foods that are good for you as they contain types of chemicals such as serotonin and tryptophan which assist in the sleep hormone melatonin. Foods such as pumpkin seeds, chicken and milk are good foods to eat at night. On the other side eating any spicy foods, large meals, drinking caffeinated drinks or sugary things can cause a bad cycle of sleep 


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