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Small things that can help you live a fulfilled life

Every one of us has the ability to thrive; to live a fulfilled life. 

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Small things that can help you live a fulfilled life

Every one of us has the ability to thrive; to live a fulfilled life. 

Our personal growth, mindset and relationships are only a few examples of areas that can lead to fulfilment. Fulfilment can come into our lives in both big or small ways; it does not matter if you are in the sports arena, classroom or workplace, it is about connecting and feeling a sense of meaning and purpose in all that you interact with. 

Finding your purpose is so important; purpose means different things to each of us. Some feel fulfilment and purpose in their work, others find it in family or a hobby. 

Having fun, connecting with likeminded people, a deep connection to what makes you happy can be some of the small things that can help you live a fulfilled existence. 

So where do you start? 

Being present in the moment – good or bad, there is nothing that remains the same. As cliché as we think this statement is, it’s important to find presence in any moment. 

Gratitude – the practice of pausing and being thankful for the smallest of things can impact your mood. That moment of being so thirsty and you take a sip of tea, or an ice-cold drink, and you have that ‘Aah’ moment. It is consciously remembering a number of these moments. 

Mindset – being aware that when we scroll through social media and compare our lives that it is not all that it seems. Instead, create a stronger mindset based on your own happiness with what you have. When we appreciate our now it can create an even better tomorrow. 

Personal growth – align with your goals, values and hold steadfast to them. You will feel a strong sense of achievement when you succeed. Be it taking a walk for 10 mins each day or gazing out of a window, appreciating your eyesight every day for 5 mins.  

Relationships – we underestimate how important it is to have meaningful relationships by surrounding ourselves with people that enrich us. It is not about quantity but rather quality. By creating a community around you, built up of people that share your values and goals, you hold the key to a more fulfilled life. 

The best gift you can give yourself right now is time. Time to ask yourself: 

“Am I living a life with purpose - do I feel fulfilled?” 

By taking the time to self-reflect, you create your personal path to self-awareness, which in turn will give you the wisdom to create a life that you can be proud of.