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Self-help tips to fight tiredness

Many cases of tiredness are due to stress, not enough sleep, poor diet and other lifestyle factors. Try these self-help tips to restore your energy levels.

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Self-help tips to fight tiredness

Eat often to beat tiredness 

A good way to keep up your energy through the day is to eat regular meals and healthy snacks every 3 to 4 hours, rather than a large meal less often. 

Get moving 

You might feel that exercise is the last thing on your mind. But, in fact, regular exercise will make you feel less tired in the long run, so you'll have more energy. 

Even a single 15-minute walk can give you an energy boost, and the benefits increase with more frequent physical activity. 

Start with a small amount of exercise. Build it up gradually over weeks and months until you reach the recommended goal of 2 hours 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, such as cycling or fast walking, every week. 

Sleep well 

Many people don't get the sleep they need to stay alert through the day. 

Tips for sleeping well include: 

  • going to bed and getting up in the morning at the same time every day 

  • avoiding naps in the day 

  • taking time to relax before you go to bed 


Reduce stress to boost energy  

Stress uses up a lot of energy. Try to introduce relaxing activities into your day. This could be: 

  • working out at the gym 

  • yoga or tai chi 

  • listening to music or reading 

  • spending time with friends