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Put your phone down for better brain power

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Put your phone down for better brain power

Over 80% of people own a smart phone and as helpful as they can be, they’re also incredibly distracting – most of us are on them for over three hours a day! Evidence suggests that the time we spend buried in these pocket-sized computers can affect our sleep, our mood and our productivity. 

Going phone free, even for short periods each day, has surprisingly big benefits: it can increase your attention, reduce aches and pains, improve posture, enhance your social life and, perhaps, even boost your happiness. 

Phones affect how we remember things 

“Even when we’re aware that we’re using our phones, we under-weigh how much of an effect that has on other things we might be trying to do at the same time,” says Dr Ward. Research shows that, “when we take our phones with us, in the midst of other experiences, we tend to remember those experiences less well.” 

Getting started 

Reducing your phone use by an hour a day and creating phone-free pockets of time, particularly before bed, is a good way to start. 

“The first step is figuring out exactly when and how you’re using your phone and how you might be able to cut out the phone at times when it’s really not needed,” Dr Ward suggests. If you’re working, leave it out of sight; If you’re going on a walk, leave it at home. “We should think about how we can reap the most benefits while avoiding the most harms,” he says. 

So, put your phone down (in a different room) and it may just improve your sleep, your mood and your social life – as well as giving your brain a well-deserved boost.