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Practising body positivity

We all have days when we are not happy with our bodies, we are constantly seeing images on Tik Tok or Insta of people with bodies that may not look like ours. Throughout history, body types and how they are seen has changed so much and that is what is so key to remember.

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Practising body positivity

Here today, gone tomorrow is what fads are and body image is the same. What people think is in today will be out of fashion before you know it. 

What is important to remember is you are unique, it is okay to have a day when you struggle with your physical appearance, you are one in 7 billion (not in 1 in a million) as no two people have the exact same body. 

It is hard, no matter what age you are at. That is why we are sharing 5 ways you can practice body positivity. 

Even if you started with one today, like practicing positive affirmations on your way to school each morning. 

Perhaps it is starting with a simple: “I am enough” 

It’s worth a try….right?