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Looking after your Physical Wellbeing

As summer days are drawing near and we can already feel some lovely hot days we are automatically reminded about how we feel about our bodies. Alternatively, we know that stress and anxiety impact our sleep as well as the changing weather.

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There were a handful of people that perhaps during the pandemic used the opportunity to lose weight but for the majority it was a time when we sat more, moved less and ate more. If you were at school, university or work we spent a large proportion of our time sat hunched over a device to get our work done.  

How now are we making time to actively take care of ourselves physically by eating well, sleeping well and regularly moving? 

If we look to June, it is a time that last push to get exams done, university assignment completed and for our work to be fairly manageable as we hit the July summer breaks and holidays. 

So what can you do which isn’t too difficult to take care of your physical wellbeing? 

It is not complicated or hard, it just requires a little bit of effort.  

  • Move your neck from side to side, up and down every 20 mins. (I bet you did that as you read that?) This small movement helps stretch both your neck and the muscles connected to your shoulders and back which are being strained by all the time we are sat working on a device.  


  • Get up to get a glass of water, set an alarm every 1 or 2 hours to get up and walk to the kitchen or the watercooler to get a glass of water. This has two benefits; your brain and body need to stay hydrated and the break from the screen will help with rebooting your mind. 


  • Take a 20 minute walk either daily or whenever you can manage. Exercise releases the feel-good chemicals that boost your mood. With the weather being so nice maybe consider heading to your local swimming pool and even if you cannot swim well a couple of walks of the length of the pool will help your body move.  


  • Sleep – are you getting enough? Sleep is one of the most underrated activities mankind thinks about yet so many of us struggle with. We need sleep to allow our bodies and minds to repair and regenerate themselves so getting the right amount of good sleep is so essential. There are several things that could be disrupting sleep at the moment.  


The change in seasons, your room or bedding may be too warm. Consider either getting a lighter duvet or make sure your room is not too cluttered so air flows through it.  

If you are someone that suffers with hay fever and you are opening the windows during the day, make sure you place a towel over your pillow that you sleep on. This is a small trick that helps to not allow pollen to settle on your pillow during the day so it doesn’t disturb you during the night.  

If you are feeling stressed or anxious about anything, talking to a friend or family member can help you release it from your mind and body. It is so important not to hold the stress in your body as that has implications so using a healthy outlet is vital. People do care and want to help, so reach out. 


  • Conscious Breathing throughout the day is so important. Whether you are studying for your final exams or making your way through emails and meetings. Add in at least 1 min of conscious breathing to every hour.  

This is when you stop what you are doing, check in with yourself and take a deep breaths in till your stomach is fully inflated and then breathe out fully. Doing this a few times helps your body and brain get that boost of oxygen. That is not a lot to ask. Set an alarm for it if you must.  


  • State at least one grateful statement a day about your body – we often take our bodies for granted. Many of us can walk, see, hear, touch, taste, move freely without any issue. Giving thanks for your body and its functioning helps your mind and body and you will notice it in the way you feel.  

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