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Learn Something New To Boost Your Brain

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Learn Something New To Boost Your Brain

One thing the lockdowns have taught us is that it is never too late to pick up a new skill. From baking to learning a language, many of us had been using our time to try out something new – and it’s been time well spent! In his podcast, Just One Thing, Dr Michael Mosley investigates the growing research that shows the benefit learning new skills can have on our bodies and brains. 

What are the benefits of trying something new? 

With a busy life, finding time to learn a new skill may take some doing, but the evidence is clear that it has a wide range of benefits for your brain. Not only does it provide you with an opportunity to concentrate on the task at hand, root yourself in the moment and calm down that thinking brain – it also has the potential to subtly and very importantly reshape your brain and the way you think about yourself. 

Not only does learning a new skill help your mental health, it can actually change the way your brain is wired – helping encourage the growth of new brain cells and new connections. 

But new encouraging research is showing that our brain’s flexibility is retained well into old age – far later than once thought – and taking up the challenge of learning at any age brings a wealth of benefits.