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Is Cost of Living Top of Mind at the moment?

Although feeling lonely and isolated is common among new dads (and men in general) many men find it hard to talk about it, with their partners or anyone else. Here at The Dadsnet, our members found the right space to speak at length about being a father, and the loneliness that can come with it.

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Is Cost of Living Top of Mind at the moment?

Is Cost of Living Top of Mind at the moment?

With the current climate and the buzz words around Cost of Living. We know as Dads we are needing to think differently about financial wellbeing and how we navigate these uncertain times.

From rising costs of food and mortgage rates we know it is not that easy, so what can you brush up on or remind yourself of what you could be doing to get support? There are organisations out there ready to offer friendly advice and support. The likes of the Money Charity and Stepchange are only two that could be useful to check out.

Through our friends at Govox and their partners Finwell, also to consider are some of the tips shared in this quick Cost of Living Guide showing 5 top tips that you could be thinking about or reviewing when it comes to your finances.

We know that there are links between mental health and financial wellbeing, so it is to understand how money worries could be affecting you or alternatively what you could be doing differently in your money habits.

Wanting to learn more about financial wellbeing and what support is out there then please reach out to Jamie Rivenberg, Author at Dadsnet (