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How to sleep better

We're sharing our tips to help you get a better nights sleep.

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How to sleep better

If you have ever had a bad night’s sleep you will know how the next day feels like such a chore and besides leaving you tired, you can feel grumpy, moody and unable to focus and concentrate. 

Sleep is also the recipe for mental health, physical and emotional strength.  

It helps to sharpen your memory, helps the body to heal, improves mood, improves muscle strength and supports positive mental health.  

Sleep is so vital to us as it is the time during which both the mind and body is able to regenerate, much like a computer, once shut down it archives the files that are not needed and cleans up any opened tabs, so it is a clean start for the next day.  

Here are some great tips from expert @Naturopathic.physican who specialises in health and wellbeing taking a much more natural pathway and encouraging better habits rather than medication when it comes to sleep.