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How to practice mindfulness in your life

Ever have that moment you are feeling a bit meh, maybe you are not enjoying the things you do normally. Things may feel a bit off and you can’t quite put your finger on what it all is.

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How to practice mindfulness in your life

Things may have changed at home, school or with friends and family and that can make you feel not your usual self. 

First up – be kind to yourself.  

When you are feeling a bit off, what we find helps is practicing some mindfulness.  

Spending time with ourselves, getting to know what makes us – US. Our goals, dreams and what we enjoy all go towards becoming your own best friend. There is going to be stuff out there that we cannot control but how we react to it is what we can control. 

Mindfulness can be the first step in understanding yourself and then if you need support, then find ways through your school, friends, or family to get some support.  

Is there something in this list of tips you could use to practice mindfulness?  

Perhaps pick one and try do it everyday until the next time we check in?