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How spending time in nature could boost your body and mind

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How spending time in nature could boost your body and mind

Daily doses of nature 

If you’re already an avid nature lover, you’ll have noticed how your body calms down at the sight of nature. Your heart rate slows, you feel calmer and your thinking becomes more clear. Research has consistently shown that even the smallest amounts of nature have measurable effects on your body and brain.  

While every bit of nature is good, recent research suggests that spending a total of 120 minutes in nature per week is the key to maximising your long term benefits. This came from a recent UK study involving nearly 20,000 people which found that those who spent at least a total of 120 minutes every week in greenery were significantly more likely to report good health and higher psychological well-being. 

Getting outside to beat stress 

One of the most noticeable long-term impacts of nature is on stress. Studies have repeatedly found that exposure to green space can significantly impact levels of stress within the body. Others have shown that exposure to green spaces is associated with reductions in blood pressure and heart rate, which has a significant impact on your health. 

So, when are you next exploring the great outdoors?