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How meditation can help your mood, memory and immune system

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How meditation can help your mood, memory and immune system

If you’re short on time and struggling to unwind, meditation could be the solution. Mindfulness meditation has become more popular in recent years and many people swear by its benefits. 

Just a little bit of practice a day has been shown to improve sleep, mood, boost your immune system, and even physically rewire your response to stress and pain. 

Mind power 

One study found that less than two months of meditation could alter the participants’ immune response for the better. After eight weeks of practice, those in the treatment group had a greater antibody response to a flu vaccine! 

So how can a practice that seems to be just about the mind have such an impact on your body and immune system? A reduction in stress is key. 

How do I get started? 

It's clear that even a short, ten-minute meditation session several times a week is beneficial. 

As the practice soars in popularity, there is an increasing amount of resources at your fingertips. Dr Lazar personally recommends finding a teacher and a class, if you can. If not, there are plenty of free resources online. 

So give it a go – it’s a seemingly simple technique that could have profound benefits for your mind, your mood, immune system, and memory!