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How can going online affect our wellbeing?

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How can going online affect our wellbeing?

There are lots of positives for being online, however there can be negatives too.  

For some it can become overwhelming trying to keep up with friends, and the pressure can build. 

Many things can impact our online wellbeing, and you can take control of the choices you make to reduce any negativity. Being aware of the impact of being online, just like you would be aware of the impact of for example ‘crossing a street without looking’… is the first step to managing your online wellbeing. 

We can: 

  • Think about who you are talking to, do you know them? 

  • Reduce how long you spend online  

  • Don’t share personal details  

  • Think before you post  

If you are concerned around your safety, in the first instance to speak to someone you can trust. There is great support out there so if you are feeling unsafe be it online or at school, reach out to Childline on 0800 1111 it is for free, confidential, and there for any worry you may have.