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Can reaching out to a friend make you healthier?

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Can reaching out to a friend make you healthier?

It turns out that being sociable – even in small ways – has big benefits for your health. It can lift your mood, lower your stress levels and reduce loneliness. It’s good for your heart, your sleep, can influence how well you recover from illness, and even help you live longer. 

Satisfying relationships keep us happy and healthy 

The importance of relationships was demonstrated by one of the longest human studies ever carried out. In the 1930s, researchers recruited more than 700 men from Harvard and the surrounding area, and followed them for decades. They found that it was satisfying relationships, more than fame, money, social class or IQ, that kept people happy and healthy throughout their lives. 

“Simple” relationships matter too 

It’s not just about having close relationships. You also benefit if you have a wide range of social contacts, including neighbours, people in your day to day life and others in the wider community. 

Even the interactions you might have with people at the train station or the person making your coffee can be beneficial.  

So, why don’t you ring that friend you haven’t seen for ages or even knock on a neighbour’s door? You might find that other people are just as pleased to connect with you as you are with them…