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Boosting your self esteem

There is no one that can with full conviction say they have not had a moment of feeling like their self-esteem has taken a nosedive. Perhaps it was that you were passed over for a promotion or securing a role you really wanted or to have been picked by a potential partner.

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Boosting your self esteem

We can end up doubting ourselves and feeling low as a result. 

These are some habits you can use to support yourself: 

Practice Mindfulness 

Key word is practice, it is not something that can happen overnight. So, focus your awareness and attention on the present moment. 

Ideas and examples to practice mindfulness are activities such as Body Scanning, Breathing exercises and walking meditation. 

Surround yourself with people who Encourage and Accept you 

When we feel acceptance and approval from those around us it improves our self-esteem 

However, we should also nurture this from within. Congratulate yourself when you have finished a key project or supported someone through a hard time.  

Replace your Inner Critic with Supportive Affirmations 

Notice how you speak to yourself, what do you say? Is it negative? 

Change the narrative and think if you are being critical about yourself. Replace your self-talk with the more supportive affirmations. 

“I am enough – just as I am!” 

“I will get through this!” 

“Yes I can do hard things” 

“I am deserving!”