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Are you getting in your own way?

We all at some point, have doubted ourselves, where we have thought less of ourselves and sometimes without even knowing it.

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We call this Self-sabotage and this is a good example of how we can get in our own way.  

It is what has stopped many great artists or leaders from fulfilling their full potential. It can stem from the fear of failure. When we don’t try, we don’t face the chance of failing. It can also stem from the fear of rejection, because if we are honest with ourselves if we are serious about achieving a certain goal, it also comes with the chance of others rejecting us or us not achieving that goal.  

We can subconsciously create problems in our lives that prevent us pursuing our true intentions and goals. 

Self-sabotage can appear in different aspects of our lives and cause not only unnecessary pain, procrastination, or avoidance. It can lead to unhealthy habits to relieve the levels of stress.  

Self-sabotage can also appear as fear of not being enough, unworthy and undeserving of success.  

Now that we know that we know a little about it and raised the red flag what can you do about it? 

  • Being aware and noting when you see yourself doing it. 

  • Take time for yourself and reflect  

  • You are unique so remember your purpose; however small you think you are - you matter. You matter to those close to you, to your friends and family.  

  • Sometimes you must embrace the self-doubt and challenge it, life swings between the lovely joyful times and the hard tough work that involves embracing the toxic and negative beliefs.  

  • Treat yourself like the asset that you are! So, use your unique talents and experiences. 

  • Consistency is the key so creating those small habits that you keep to daily will help to set you up to reach those bigger goals.  

  • Most importantly, be kind to yourself. We would never think of talking to others the way we sometimes speak to ourselves.  


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