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Computacenter creates a friendly space to focus on workplace wellbeing.


With more and more companies adopting hybrid working patterns, many companies like Computacenter, embed their employees onto remote projects - often at client’s offices. 

Maintaining regular check-ins with colleagues is important in monitoring their wellbeing, especially when they don’t see each other day to day. 

Computacenter integrated Govox into their wellbeing programme back in 2019 and their teams continue to benefit from regular check-ins and a greater sense of championing Mental Health within the team’s culture, as team leaders and HR colleagues look to understand the “whole person” and humanise these key conversations.  

Monthly 1:1 catchup sessions between colleagues and line managers, with Govox insights bringing the Mental Health conversation to the fore, has led to a greater openness, trust & understanding, which continues to benefit Computacenter’s team culture.

Ben O’Donoghue - Technical Resource Group, Technical Team Manager (North)

Computacenter (UK) Ltd

Since the introduction of Govox into Computacenter’s TRG function, we have seen increases in the number of conversations about wellbeing during our 1:1 sessions. This has combined with a continuing shift in the way issues around Wellbeing are being dealt with across the business as a whole.

Govox provides that dedicated space to take time out and allow colleagues to really take stock of where they are at that given time. The check-in process is quick and intuitive, regardless of the method in which it is accessed and provides the opportunity to have the necessary conversations in a timely manner. This is important as it allows those involved to provide signposting to the multiple support channels available, both inside and outside of our business structure, whether this be through interaction with our Wellbeing Champions and Mental Health First Aiders or through engagement with our EAP or Thrive solutions.


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