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Active East Herts

Active East Herts is the Community Sports Network (CSN) for the East Herts District. Our aim is to increase participation in Sport and Physical activity across East Hertfordshire. We do this by highlighting gaps in the current provision, working with local stakeholders to run projects to fill these gaps and work to support local clubs, schools and businesses in their physical activity endeavours.


Wellbeing in the Community

We work with a variety of groups in our community, from supporting teenagers through our Youth Boxing sessions or working to reduce social isolation in older adults through our Someone Like Me project. We assist all these groups with physical activity but our support goes a lot further. These groups also require support around their mental wellbeing which can vary from participants coming to our sessions who are struggling with exam stress or older adults who are isolated and therefore feeling lonely. We are committed to improving our offering to support both physical and mental wellbeing.

How Govox Supports the Community

The Govox check-in system has fantastic potential to be a game changer around our efforts to support participants and the wider community with their mental wellbeing. Having a clear line of communication with an instructor could help to highlight personal issues which could lead to early intervention. It would also be a fantastic tool to stay connected with our wider community, helping us to spot the gaps in provision and focus our efforts on implementing new projects to really meet the need.

Future Collaboration

Active East Herts and Govox have already had a number of detailed conversations about increased collaboration moving forward. Active East Herts has mirrored the Herts Sports Partnership by naming Govox as our wellbeing partner for the district. Govox delivered an informative and engaging workshop during our recent online Club Forum and we both share a desire to support younger adults with their mental wellbeing.

We have watched Govox grow and admire the impact they are already having on such a wide variety of partners. We are thrilled to be working so closely with Govox and anticipate an exciting and meaningful collaboration moving forward.


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