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Welcome to our overhauled brand identity and new-look website


We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and have an exciting announcement

We’re thrilled to unveil the Govox brand overhaul! You’ll notice some big changes, as we begin our journey to reflect our evolved identity, growing team and impassioned vision and values. 

Here, we explain the thinking behind the new-look Govox and outline what you can expect from our redesigned website.

Connect. Identify. Support.

Govox exists to help workplaces, educational institutions and sports organisations promote and manage mental health – and we’re unfaltering in our mission to save lives. But we’ve come a long way in the four short years since the business was founded. It was time for a complete brand overhaul to clearly communicate the Govox offering and our passion, and get the message out that mental health support must be improved and made more accessible. 

Our new brand identity encapsulates everything the brand stands for – support, trust and facilitating connections that may just save a life. You’ll notice even our brand icon, more than just a letter ‘g’ for Govox, is abstract, representing many of our brand attributes. The brand icon is partly a brain, signifying mental health, partly an ear to highlight the need to listen to those who need support and, it’s also a speech bubble to encourage people to talk. Finally, the continuous looping line is representative of Govox’s holistic and proactive approach to wellbeing. 

A new-look website that’s meaningful

Mobile friendly as well as ideal for desktop viewing, our newly designed website stays true to the new Govox brand. Its menu structure has had a complete revamp so you can more easily navigate and have ease of access to information you need. Content throughout is digestible, making for an enjoyable browsing experience, and there’s now a much-improved cross-device user experience too. 

What’s more, we’ve made some design and functionality changes to our wellbeing platform too. We know that people better engage with the Govox wellbeing check in on mobile devices so it’s extremely important to us that it’s slick, easy to use and responsive. The platform is now optimised for on-the-go participation, making it even more engaging for users, as it takes less than two minutes to complete. It also features a platform demo area, key mental health support resources and an alert feature, which instantly highlights to an organisation’s nominated support any user responses that may provide cause for concern. 

Mental health is about real people with real moving stories to tell – crucially, our new branding highlights more than ever how they are at the centre of our work. You’ll now see imagery that’s impactful, relatable and inspiring. We want to put the people at the heart of everything we – and you – do. 

Arming you with helpful resources

The Govox wellbeing platform provides managers, leaders and nominated support the data and insights needed to effect real change in terms of the mental health and wellbeing of their people. Our new branding and website ensure information, support and relevant content is more accessible to better inform wellbeing strategies and enable a more comfortable approach to sometimes-difficult conversations. 

Govox is shaping the future of a healthier and happier world with a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing. But we’re only just getting started. Now providing more than 250 organisations with mental health support and wellbeing insights, we won’t stop until everyone who’s struggling with their mental health is given the support they need. 

Find out more about our wellbeing solutions and how they could inform your organisation’s wellbeing strategy. Alternatively, whether you’re a leader looking for guidance or a like-minded company aligned with our mission, contact us to talk all things wellbeing. Our door is always open.

Using wellbeing solutions steeped in innovative technology, Govox provides data and insights that helps leaders in schools , sports clubs and the workplace spot at-risk individuals and give much-needed support.


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