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Managing the wellbeing of others: proactive versus reactive

As a leader, often your focus is completely on the task at hand: driving your team towards a common aim or objective. Whether that’s pushing your sports team towards victory in the season, motivating your sales team to hit their target for the quarter, or encouraging your students to be the best they can be, it’s the long term view that takes priority.


That said, there are a number of short term challenges that must be faced en route. When we look for solutions to any ad hoc problems that arise, we’re usually relying on a strategy that was outlined at the start of the year – a common reference point that everyone can refer to, in order to stay in control and understand the journey they’re on. What’s the new customer acquisition strategy for example, or what formation will your football team adopt to suit the players at hand?

Why is there no strategy for managing stress and wellbeing?

One of the most common problems faced in any environment is stress. Stress means different things to different people. It’s those worries that niggle away, that can be small or large, that impact an individual’s ability to perform, thus impacting the group’s performance too. The problem is, as leaders, you’re often completely unaware of the fact that someone is suffering, unless they come to you for help, or go off sick. Furthermore, there isn’t really a strategy in place for handling stress, and instead we’re forced to be reactive – things can get pretty hectic. The reactive approach only really helps to alleviate the immediate problem, or a small part of it, and doesn’t necessarily help the situation moving forward (particularly if it’s recurring, such as ongoing mental health problems).

A member of your team may for example get extremely stress driving into the office every day – if you knew this, you could allow them to work from home every so often. One of the players in your sports team may not be enjoying training, but as nobody asks, they don’t say anything and suffer in silence.

Managing stress, mental health and wellbeing proactively in the workplace, sports and in education

With GoVox, you can begin to understand the stress points that are impacting the wellbeing and mental health of those under your care, by regularly ‘Checking In’ with them. The platform completely flips mental health management on its head, enabling you to be proactive, rather than reactive. You get specific, actionable insight into who may need your support and in what key areas, meaning you can often address any issues before they worsen. GoVox creates a culture of openly talking about wellbeing and ways to minimise stress, in a clean and manageable way.

Find out more about how GoVox works here, and take a product tour:


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