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Govox partners with LooseHeadz for mental health awareness

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Govox is delighted to announce a partnership that we’re hoping is set to make waves – for all the right reasons – in the rugby world.

We’ve joined forces with mental health charity LooseHeadz in a bid to raise awareness and, educate, as well as help normalise conversation around mental health conditions.

Tackling the stigma with proactive wellbeing support

LooseHeadz is on a mission to put mental health on the agenda at rugby clubs up and down the country, getting a ‘LooseHead’ – a mental health lead – in each and every club. We’re in full support of the brand’s mission, and now, we’re working together to provide all LooseHeadz’s partner clubs with free access to our proactive wellbeing platform and solutions.

Govox co-founder Richard Lucas said of the partnership: “It's a no-brainer for us, and something that we are very proud to be associated with. Our missions are aligned and together we want to ensure that every club has the right tools and focus to ensure that all our members are better aware and supported with their mental health and wellbeing."

He added: "At the heart of Govox is rugby - we started our journey in response to the need for more support at local rugby clubs and as we have grown to become a global wellbeing platform for a range of organisations, covering workplace, education, and sports wellbeing, we have always had our roots in rugby in our hearts."

Mark Shotton, LooseHeadz co-founder, said: “In order to ensure that every club gets the chance to prioritise the conversions that need to happen and better every members’ mental wellbeing, we have partnered with Govox to offer a unique and interactive way to include everyone (and every player) in the conversation around tackling the stigma and making the conversation a normal one."

We’re looking forward to working more closely with LooseHeadz in the near future, with our check-in platform becoming a key part of its partnership programme toolkit.

Discover more about tackling mental health in sport and carrying on those all-important conversations.

Using wellbeing solutions steeped in innovative technology, Govox provides data and insights that helps leaders in schools , sports clubs and the workplace spot at-risk individuals and give much-needed support.


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