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5 ways govox helps


5 way Govox helps you and your people; like our tool, it is simple, clear and accessible.

Flags help you to allocate support

The red flags in the Dashboard show you where your support is needed as a priority, in direct relation to specific questions. It's supporting people and prioritising the conversations that matter that got us started on our journey; we're here to help you do just that.

Helps people shine bright

Govox is about understanding what makes people tick, what is making them unhappy and what can be done to make them happier. Happiness, Wellbeing and Mental Health are all linked to productivity and output, as well as sick days, employee retention and more.

Nurture your teams through positive change

As well as vital individual insight that enables you to make early interventions, Govox helps managers and leaders understand the 'bigger dicture, meaning changes can be made to processes and procedures to help make teams happier and more productive.

Gives you lightbulb moments

We're all guilty of overlooking simple things that could make all the difference to our people. By surveying your teams with one of our simple Check Ins, you'll get some really powerful, stripped data that enables you to enact positive ideas without a the noise

Shows your people you care

Asking people how they're doing in person during an annual review is great, but we use the analogy that an annual appraisal is the equivalent of taking a bath once per year in relation to Mental Health and Wellbeing. Instead, we promote a culture of regularly checking in, in a non-intrusive manner, through a series of expertly-written questions. This will show your people that you care as you begin to prioritise the conversations that matter.

Using wellbeing solutions steeped in innovative technology, Govox provides data and insights that helps leaders in schools , sports clubs and the workplace spot at-risk individuals and give much-needed support.


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Let’s spread some happiness

Want to check in on your staff, players or students? Let us increase the happiness of your team by 10% within three months.

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