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Govox are delighted to announce the launch of Govox Africa

Govox is delighted to announce the launch of Govox Africa. The new business will be jointly headed up by Matthew Ash and Pino Maqhawe Mavengere.


Matthew has held senior commercial and marketing consultancy roles throughout his corporate career in South Africa.  Pino founded a Healthcare Management Consulting firm 20 years ago, focusing on Strategic Planning, Risk Management and Organisational and Individual Performance Measurement and Improvement. He also consults on sponsored assignments in the healthcare industry.

We are delighted to be joining the international team and launching the Govox Mental Health & Wellbeing platform here in South Africa.  The proven system provides such valuable front line information for wellness practitioners and business leaders, so that the process of identification will be dramatically reduced, so clinical interventions can be targeted to those who need them most.  

We have worked hard with the UK team, to tailor the platform for the South African marketplace and this allows us to highlight local market issues.   Together, we are excited about the challenge ahead and the opportunity of working together for the greater good of the region.  Only a committed partner would talk in the way they have.  We look forward to making a positive social impact here in Southern Africa and together on a global scale.

Matthew Ash, Govox Africa

The Southern Africa health care system is creaking at the sheer scale of the socio-economic impact left behind by Covid. People are continuing as if everything is ok, but it is clearly not and the unfortunate reality in Southern Africa is that talking about Mental Health problems is taboo for many people. 

With mental health cases rising dramatically here, our suicide rate is extremely high and we believe a tailored Govox solution will have significant positive impacts in Southern Africa in identifying and supporting wellness issues.  We will be focusing on the Southern African workplace, education and the sports sectors, as the Govox platform has proved impactful in other international markets as those organisations see greater ROI from their wellbeing investments.

Pino Maqhawe Mavengere, Govox Africa

Richard, chief executive office and co-founder of Govox commented:

Launching Govox into the Southern African region is a significant milestone in our international growth.  Matthew & Pino are passionate about how better measurement and reporting of Mental Health can positively impact the individual, alongside broader economic benefits for the employer and for Public Health strategies in the region.  We look forward to growing together.


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