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My experiences of mental health

From a young age I was always aware of mental health which is why I was always perhaps so intrigued by it. Many people see mental health as an alien thing that doesn’t truly belong, however in my opinion its incredibly normal and natural thing. Just like catching a cold which makes you sick, your brain can also get ill. But with the right treatment mental health illnesses can be far reduced or even taken away depending on the illness.


Growing up I had often been told by people to be aware about my mental health and those around you, but I didn’t really know what that meant until I was around 14. This is because of the complexity of mental health issues. Luckily for me the school I went to prided itself on its education of mental health to the students and so in turn I was well educated about mental health relatively early. However, I didn’t really find interest in educating myself in mental health until the month of November came around.

At my school every Upper Sixth year had the choice to participate in Movember, a charity which focusses on men’s health, mental and physical. When I was in Upper Sixth, I had the fortune of leading all my peers through the month which included fundraising, a “Movember video” and educating not only ourselves but those lower down in the school. During this month I started to gain more of an interest not just in mental health as a topic but also my own mental health and insuring it was as good as possible.

It was only really after my time participating in Movember I felt an urge to finally get help for myself. After all, I found sixth form stressful, with A-Levels looming and university choices to make and the pressure was rising every day, and I really wasn’t myself, which my friends noticed. My own mental health issues did help me to learn more about mental health and made me wonder what I could do for people who in the future will be in the same position as I was.

About 3 months after this, I joined GoVox, where I’ve been able to make blogs, guides and infographics about bettering your own mental health and also those who work with you. A lot of the blogs and guides I’ve made have caused me to research further into certain topics, which has allowed me to expand my knowledge about mental health issues and how to increase wellbeing. By working at a company which specialises in mental health and wellbeing I always have the thought in my mind that whatever task I’m doing has the possibility to help someone get through their own mental health issue. I think that’s what I enjoy about working at GoVox so much, the constant opportunity to help those that need it.


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