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Feeling fulfilled – how to feel fulfilled at work


Are you feeling fulfilled?

Feeling happy and fulfilled in your workplace can be a strange thought to some – the amount of work you have on your plate; external stressors; feeling unappreciated – feeling fulfilled at work could be the last thing on your mind! Life can feel like a rollercoaster at times, with its ups and downs, however, that’s not to say things can’t be turned around. Feelings of fulfilment can come from the most unexpected places – that certainly includes the workplace.

Define your goals and set new ones everyday

Most of us know that having a goal in life, not just at work, can help you so much but when you set a new goal each day, be it big or small, it can truly help you feel fulfilled. A daily goal gives you something to work towards and reflect on. This could even be just to complete your work before the end of the day, or something to make you feel accomplished and give you extra confidence that you’ve made the most out of the hours available to you. There’s a saying that goes something like ‘it’s not about the hours you put in – it’s about what you put into the hours.’ It’s SO true!

Having a small goal and achieving it every day can greatly help your mental health and will make you feel more fulfilled, releasing dopamine (the body’s feel good drug), which will ultimately make you feel more happy and give you an added boost.

Having positive relationships with your co-workers 

You see your co-workers almost every day of the week when you work, even if it’s through a screen. Having a positive relationship with them can help your attitude towards your work and sense of fulfilment – you’re a team after all and everybody would love to be part of a dream team. When you have new and positive relationships with your co-workers you have the best opportunity to feel fulfilled in the workplace. Positive relationships boost our self confidence and our drive to use our time and energy efficiently.

Being connected is one of the key pillars of positive mental health so it’s sure to contribute to your overall sense of fulfilment.

Be proud of your work

Your work is what defines you in the workplace, and helps to forge your career. Work can help you feel incredibly fulfilled in the grand scheme of everything, especially when you consider just how much time you actually spend in the workplace. It’s an opportunity to express yourself in many roles, and is how we pay the bills.

Working at your best standard can make you feel the most fulfilled, adding rocket fuel to your career progression. Knowing how your role, industry and work inside-out can help your company, your enjoyment in the workplace and your sense of fulfilment. It helps if you take pride in what you do, whether that’s making coffees or managing a big team – it’s all important and meaningful, even if you struggle to think so at times.

Fulfillment can be hard to pin down and define for each person, because we are all different. We all experience the workplace differently and find fulfillment in unique ways. What really matters is that we take some time to see what fulfillment means to us, and try to do as much as possible to get fulfillment from all we do.


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