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3 Top Tips to Provide The Best Employee Wellbeing Support

Supporting employee wellbeing can difficult. The truth is, any ‘exact science’ doesn’t really apply to the average manager; the beauty of people is that we’re all different, and approach situations in different ways. While some are more analytical with employee wellbeing support, others prefer to support employees’ mental health with a more pragmatic and reactive strategy.


At GoVox Wellbeing, we’ve been helping businesses to support employee wellbeing for a number of years now, and below present three top tips we’ve learnt on our journey so far.

1) Connect. Connect with your employees. Reach out – let them know that you care. Simply by saying and showing that you care can help to break down the somewhat archaic barriers to properly supporting employee wellbeing. Opening up conversations can be incredibly powerful. We’re often really surprised and touched by the way that workplaces embrace conversations around wellbeing for the first time.

Of course, there are those that may be lacking trust or slightly cynical; sometimes those that are less open and receptive end up being the biggest advocates.

2) Identify. Identify who may require wellbeing support, and in which specific areas. There are a number of ways you can identify who may benefit from support with their mental health.

Mental health trained personnel: These nominated individuals (it works much better if they’re volunteers) are trained to spot the signs of ill mental health and how to best respond to signs of a broad array of mental health-related situations in the workplace. There are a variety of courses available, including the Mental Health First Aider courses.

Tech-enabled wellbeing check-in: Tech-enabled wellbeing solutions are a fantastic way of understanding the picture around wellbeing at any organisation. There are a number of them available – predominantly they are anonymous, thus unable to provide truly actionable insight when compared with non-anonymous wellbeing platforms like GoVox (rest assured, we can provide an anonymous version if required).

3) Support. Once you know who may require some support and in which specific areas, support them! This may feel difficult to some, but with the right training (we work with some great partners who provide wellbeing training such as Welfy, Mind in Mid Herts and It’s Time for Change) nominated individuals will feel much more comfortable in applying effective wellbeing support for employees in your workplace.


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