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Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Upon reflection for many of us we know that during the pandemic something we may have struggled with is our work life balance. It is often talked about and discussed. Changing from remote working, you perhaps moved to hybrid or flexible working. Setting those boundaries is often what many of us struggle with.

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Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

There are some of us that have learnt the skill to compartmentalise work and life, however for a large proportion of the population we struggle. To some degree we hope that our workplaces may offer some direction on this, but it is also down to us to create those clear lines or face the possibility of burning ourselves out and impacting our health. 

Here are some tips for a better work-life balance. They may not all be applicable, but they are what could be considered. Taking proactive conversations with those around you to help support you find a work-life balance can also be very helpful.