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Online Safety

We can often think that adults are all up in our business when they nag about stuff like what are we doing on Insta or TikTok. To be fair adults are more fearful of the world and people out there than them not trusting you. 

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When your mum and dad, parents, grandparents or teachers were younger they know that when it came to bullying for example, you would see the bullies at school or on the way home or to school. Now bullies or not so nice characters are always on and get to us via our devices. 

We are always on via our phones and that means people are bombarding us with all sorts. 

It can be random stuff that we keep laughing at on TikTok or even where we are looking at others comparing ourselves. 

The truth is people can be anyone they want to be online and do things that they might regret.  

The Internet won’t forget anything – so being smart about what you do and say is more than just a good idea. It is about your future self.  

We all want to be someone or something one day, did you want that to be wasted on some silly thing you put up without thinking now? 

Hiding behind a screen may make you feel like a cloaked superhero, but you are not invincible. Things can come back and haunt you even if you are just a kid. 

Coming back to why your adults worry, well that’s because there are sadly a bunch of online predators that make even the crew of Stranger Things have nightmares.  

So don’t give too much away or give out any personal information. There are some weird characters that want to cause upset and damage. It is key that if you sense something is not quite right, reach out to someone be it a close friend, adult or favourite teacher to get an opinion.  

The answer is THINK before you