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New school year

As you head into this new school year, there can be a mix of emotions.

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We may be meeting a new set of mates for the first time or hanging out with our old mates who we haven’t hung out for in some time. 

If you are feeling like you don’t have a good set of friends or struggle to make friends.  

Here are a few tips to remember: 

  • Remember no matter how old anyone is, we are all have moments of being scared of meeting and getting to know new people.  

  • Think of what hobbies you have, what do you have in common with others – like favourite music, TV shows, books or sports 

  • Try something different – talk to someone different or try something new like a hobby or sport where you may meet new people. 

  • Positive body language – keep smiling, eye contact, talking confidently.  

  • Learn to be a good listener – make sure you let others talk before jumping in with questions or comments. 

  • Have some fun – a joke or two can make things light and fun. 

  • Show an interest in others – listening is great but asking people good questions about things they are interested in is a great way to start conversations. 


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