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Govox social wellbeing

The true power of Govox Wellbeing lies in our community. We are lucky enough to benefit from both academic experience and critically, lived experiences. Our wellbeing platform is able to present supporting information to users at the most relevant time for them, that is tailored to them as an individual and based on how they feel at that specific moment. 

As a moderated version of social media, Govox’s 'Social Wellbeing' community is able to share its own advice and content with others. In order to do this, we invite you all to upload and share content that you have created, that you feel would help others. The subject areas are broad and we purposely invite diversity of thought and real life experiences to be shared. 

From your TikTok videos to inspirational quotes shared on Instagram, along with longer format blogs and infographics. Please feel free to upload your contact on the link below. 

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How it works

Step One

Using the link below, you can simply upload any wellbeing content that you would like to share. We accept a wide range of formats from TikTok-style videos, to social media links or even longer form documents such as written blogs or infographics. We will ask you a few quick questions about the content, as well as getting your permission to share it. In short, if you have a wellbeing tip that you would love to share with others, then please upload it today.