Mental Health

1 in 6 people is suffering from Mental Health issues, can you tell who?

Mental Health challenges are not obvious, so odds are you will know someone who is struggling, without even realising. With Govox, we even those odds.

The Govox system proactively triggers a Mental Health and Wellbeing x-ray of your people.

The system spots the underlying signs early so you can prioritise the conversations that matter and make a genuine difference to the outcomes.

He waka eke noa
We are all in this together


We turn difficult situations into positive outcomes.

Understanding mental health isn’t easy. Using technology and an effective proactive approach, we can improve happiness and save lives in the workplace, education and sports organisations.


People are invited to check in on a digital device and answer a series of short, friendly questions. This takes less than two minutes and is simple to engage with.


Check-in results on the Govox wellbeing dashboard instantly highlight those who may benefit from some support, enabling organisations to have the conversations that matter.


After each check in, the participant will receive their own personal wellbeing report, which offers proven wellbeing techniques tailored to their specific answers.

Our wellbeing platform is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: check in

Each user will receive an online invite to check in on their phone, tablet or computer. They will be asked to answer some short, friendly questions, which have been designed to flag up any concerns.

It takes only a couple of minutes to check in and this simplicity and ease means our users are found to regularly engage with the platform.

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Why use GoVox?

The Govox key point of difference is the proactive prompt for a user to Check In.

It doesn’t rely on users needing to self-diagnose, and it doesn’t rely on users having to overcome any social stigmas before seeking their own support. A regular call to action, and the relevant support, comes to them.

The Govox solution gives people a private online space to open up, leveraging the increased digital comfort of the generational populations. The platform and process allows users to be honest, and to feel safe in doing so.

And it’s “easy as”. Life is busy, so the speed and efficiency of the Govox process is convenient for everyone involved.

Govox is personal. Questions are customised for the relevant challenges of the organisation, and users are immediately rewarded with individualised reports tailored to their personal state of wellbeing.

Data is useful, but organisational insights make the difference. Govox provides the whole picture on a clear and uncluttered Dashboard, utilising an intuitive ‘happiness’ scoring system that enables moderators to zero in on the right individuals.

designed by experts

The science stuff

Govox is designed by mental health experts and underpinned by science and technology.  

The Govox algorithms are designed to support positive Hauora [mental health and wellbeing] outcomes by engaging the key pillars within Te Whare Mauri Ora [The House of Life Force]:

Taha Whanau [Connections]
Taha Tinana [Body]
Taha Hinengaro [Mind & Emotions]
Taha Wairua [Fulfilment]

A range of brilliant partners and medical experts, including Local Minds and King’s College London, (world renowned for research and advancements in psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience), have combined on a mission to save lives by ensuring people get support when needed.


Govox outcomes

Most importantly – Govox does the mahi. Being able to identify the issues, and focusing support to the right individuals, at the right time, is leading to improved outcomes. Govox makes real differences in workplaces, schools and sports clubs every day – with a minimum 10% increase in happiness scores within the first 3 months.

For businesses, it is allowing people to be heard. Govox is improving job satisfaction,  improving employer relations, improving employee retention, and improving productivity.

But perhaps most notably, Govox provides organisations with increased peace of mind that they are being proactive in reaching out to their 1 in 6.

He aha te mea nui o te ao
What is the most important thing in the world?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people

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Quick and effective

Life is busy, so Govox Wellbeing takes no more than a couple of minutes of anyone’s day – freeing up time for supportive conversations and space to make positive changes.

And it works. Once you’re able to focus your resources and support in the right places, at the right time, then things change. It’s simply more effective to focus on the right people earlier, before little issues become major problems.

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